Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Revver Forums Launch Today

Great news today. I've been hinting at something that might make Revverberation obsolete, and I think it's here. Today Revver is launching Revver Forums. Unless Revverberation readers feel otherwise, I suggest we move our discussion over there and wind down Revverberation for 3 reasons:
1) Forums are better for community than blogs. Despite some decent posts, the blog is still more 1-way than a Forum. Think of it as open mike night.
2) The Forum will get more traffic. Revver is going to link to it from its homepage.
3) If we populate it, Revver will need to monitor it. That will make it easier for those of us Revverites to call attention to things we like and don't. Chances are they'll respond even faster than they've done through reading Revverberation.

Let me know what you think. RRR is reading too, so if you have trouble logging post here or write to


At 6/01/2006 9:31 AM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

This makes me sad and happy. Revverberation has been core in making me feel like a part of the Revver community. I'll definitely join the Forum and agree it'll be more efficient.

Fortunately we won't miss out on Nalts' humor because of

Thanks Nalts for all your Revverberation articles and hard work gathering information for us Revverites!

At 6/01/2006 1:21 PM, Blogger idonothingallday said...

definite thanks to Nalts for revverberation.

i am looking forward to teh forum cause i do have some issues to raise... now i just need the time and focus but number one.. i really hope they conside video quality when making the move to flash. i think that they should continue with 264 quicktime codec and find a way to get advertiseres to insert a .mov ad at the end of the clips.

At 6/01/2006 6:46 PM, Blogger Nalts said...

Right. The old 264 quicktime codec. Twice as good as the 132.

At 6/02/2006 2:00 AM, Anonymous rob said...

Rest assured folks, when we move to flash for videos streamed, we'll continue to encode in QuickTime for high-quality downloads. It's hard to beat that codec, agreed. Especially important for idonothing's artistic endeavors....

At 6/02/2006 3:31 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

Long live H264! Go, go, go with QuickTime Pro! If the glove doesn't fit . . . wait, that one doesn't fit.

At 6/05/2006 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shut down Revverberation in favor of revver forums? You got to be kidding. You created Revverberation because the Revver staff couldn't/wouldn't put the effort in to Revver Blog. What makes you think they'll be any different with Revver Forums?


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