Saturday, June 10, 2006

Revver Hires Head of "Media Partnerships"

In an interesting move, Revver just hired David Tenzer (from Creative Artists Agency) to head up media partnerships. Tanzer will develop strategic relationships with companies throughout the entertainment industry for Revver. His previous work included packaging TV projects.

What does this mean? Some theories:
1) Revver will try to create a model that is Web 2.0 but doesn't dissintermediate the major entertainment players. This, of course, is a totally different strategy than most online video sites.
2) It could be a content play. Revver may be looking to fill its library with more content- however I would suspect a major player would want more control and a greater percentage of ad revenue (and even more likely they'd want to sell their content not give it up for small ad dollars).
3) It might just be an advertising play. Look at the major advertisers on Revver... Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and the Chappelle DVD. Revver's team has strong relationships with the LA entertainment scene and that's a differentiator.

Any more theories?


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