Saturday, July 29, 2006

WebCam Special Effect Overkill

Remember when people first learned desktop publishing, and made fliers with 200 different fonts (including warped text and shadows)? Then they'd add some clip art of little cartoon guys smashing the computer?

It's happening now to the online video space. I bring you the ultimate abuser of the webcam special effects. It's like a plate full of salt.


At 7/29/2006 7:14 AM, Blogger Marquisdejolie said...

Wow, did this guy get his money's worth from that software or what!? He's got 40 of these! Wonder how many templates come with the package? That's how many videos he'll make (times 2).

I kinda feel sorry for him. There's only so many times you can jam your face up into the camera lens screeching 'look at me! look at me!' before it gets real, real old (no offense intended, zefrank).

P.S. Do any of you other Revverberation-reading mutes ever talk? I know you're out there. I sense your auras.

What? Are you afraid you'll say something stupid? I committed something really really stoopid to print in both the revver forum AND this blog's sister site and it didn't kill me!

(I still can't believe what a brain infarction I had over editing the revver video's YOUR fault, Nalts: you told me to edit my 'descriptions'....threw me off)

At 7/30/2006 2:16 AM, Anonymous AquaDad said...

Yeah, where are these other people?
Aren't you people out there excited about Revver? Haven't you made a little cash? Don't you want to share your wisdom with other people? Or ask a question?

At 7/30/2006 1:32 PM, Anonymous zefrank said...

People don't get tired of looking at MY face. Neither do I. Sometimes I practice my routines in the mirror. You should see the comments I get back. They're fabulous.


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