Saturday, September 16, 2006

Revver's Launch Press Release

Revver released its launch press release yesterday... here it is:

Revver Unveils First Marketplace for Viral Internet Videos; First of Its Kind Viral Advertising Network Will Empower People Who Watch, Make, Share or Sponsor Videos to Benefit from Online Viewing

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 13, 2006--Revver, Inc., the first marketplace for viral videos, is launching from beta today with a comprehensive service for enabling viral video commerce online. By creating the first Viral Advertising Network (VAN), Revver connects people who watch, create, sponsor or share videos in the only marketplace for viral Internet videos that creates a win for every stakeholder. Its brand new Web interface will complement innovative new tools and services that further promote online video commerce and community.

Revver provides more than video hosting and the ability to reach viewers with ads. Revver matches individual videos with advertising, encourages video sharing and then uses its proprietary technology to track videos as they are viewed across the Internet. By rewarding users with a percentage of the advertising revenue generated, Revver creates a virtual marketplace for online video. Now, new tools and services will empower people to share, track, advertise and make money from online videos more effectively than ever before.

"Revver is a next generation service for the online video market," said Steven Starr, Founder and CEO of Revver, Inc. "We embrace the viral power of the Internet to help people benefit from the popularity of videos no matter where they are viewed online. By leveraging the Internet as one big platform for commerce, Revver has created a real marketplace for this new medium."

Beginning today, users who make or share videos through Revver will be able to utilize new tools that foster commerce and community. These news tools make it easier for users to watch, organize and share content within the Revver community and the world. By adding these new features, Revver will also expand its network to increase video views and the revenue opportunities for all its users.

Users can now:

-- Create their own Web page, complete with individual URL, and
populate it with their videos or other "Revverized" videos,
using their own template or a 'skin' from Revver.

-- Use the new Revver dashboard to:

-- View valuable analytics, including how much money videos
make over time

-- Send and receive messages from other Revver users

-- Publish their own Web pages

-- Create collections to track and organize their favorite

-- Add a "widget" or video strip to their own Web site which will
automatically feed Revver videos based on preferences they

Part online advertising network and part publishing platform, the Revver marketplace offers key benefits to every user:

For video Makers:

-- Revver pays users to share their videos with the world.

-- Revver is the only service that allows users to freely share, track and make money from their videos online.

For video Sponsors:

-- Revver has created the first Viral Advertising Network (VAN), the only solution for tracking viral video advertising campaigns.

-- Revver's innovative technology lets advertisers and marketers create meaningful viral advertising campaigns and receive invaluable performance analytics.

For video Sharers:

-- Revver is the only service that lets users make money from sharing or hosting others' videos.

-- Revver lets users simply share videos or customize their own Web sites, giving them access to great content and paying them to share it.

For video Watchers:

-- Users who are not interested in earning money can still use Revver to aggregate and share videos online.

-- Revver offers the same sharing and account interface features to viewers as other users.

About Revver

Revver is the first online service that truly leverages the viral power of the Internet to create a marketplace for online videos. Revver matches individual videos with advertising, encourages video sharing and then uses its proprietary technology to track videos as they are viewed across the Internet. By rewarding users with a percentage of the advertising revenue generated, Revver creates a virtual marketplace for online video. Revver's contextual advertising capabilities also connect advertisers to specific demographics with a unique collaborative learning algorithm, which maximizes ad performance. For more information, visit
Edelman for Revver
Betsy Damus, 323-202-1068
Sara Campbell, 323-202-1075


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At 10/02/2006 5:51 PM, Blogger Leigh Oliver said...

I love the new features of Revver 1.0 But I can no longer subsribe to podcasts on iTunes using my affiliate ID. It only works if I don't include the ID. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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