Saturday, February 18, 2006

How do you shoot this without getting tossed out?

Neckbrace Mahem is clearly "CreepyShrimp's" more popular video ( But I'm partial to this anti-climactic but strangely captivating "Diablo" bit. Two women dressed as Mexican men... hanging around a mall. If you like it, check "Great Frijole Search." And ask yourself how these two haven't been thrown out of Target or the restaurants.


I want to have lunch with this guy.

Nalts Latest Revver Videos

I've been busy on Revver the past couple days... here are the latest. Send in your favorites to me.

Note- I'm trying to keep these puppies short. Most are under 30 seconds.

My Boss Threatening to Take My Bonus

Dancing Baby (Pointless- don't waste your time)

Lost Nose:

Cereal Box... Poor 3-year-old is the victim again

GirlScout Cookie Thief


Send in your own. This Blog isn't supposed to be just about me. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Can't rate videos

It appears like there's a technical glitch forbidding us from rating Revver videos at the moment.

Good time to upload something you know nobody will like.

Revver on Broadband: Verizon FIOS

So now I'm up to 15MB per whatever through Verizon FIOS. These guys probably spent a couple thousand making me a customer, so I hope they've got big plans to take over my cable, internet access, phone, and whatever. Because they're not recouping that through $44 a month.

Anyway I'm not sure it's made my Revver video experience any better. But we're still in Revver beta so it's hard to tell if it's me or them.

Here's me screwing with the Verizon guys. Funny thing about this Verizon guy- Mike. He's 7 foot tall and used to play against the Harlem Globetrotters (the losing team).

Revver Lation: Making money when you e-mail Revver videos

Had a big time Revver-lation today. I just realized this blog should be a Revver affiliate so I stand a chance of making money when people look at the videos. Seems you just have to log-in before you scrape the thumbnail HTML. I guess there's a tag in it that identifies me as the source.

So then I had a "revver-lation" (see that's a pun based on revelation... at some point I'll stop manipulating the word Revver in all of my posts, but for now I'm doing it to ensure good SEO).

I've been e-mailing friends the URL for a video instead of using the Revver site. I guess if I use the "e-mail a friend" functionality on Revver I get a 20% of the ad revenue off the top. Sounds fair since I'm the one trading on my network to make money. I'm one step from selling them timeshares.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Note to Revver-tisers: Give me a reason to click your ads!

A message to advertisers... not the creators.

Will you give me a reason to click your ads? Revver recommends a "call to action," and yet too few of the ads are using them. You've got the viewers attention. They've obviously got a little too much free time on their hands.

So give them a reason to leave Revver and start spending. The creative can't do that (see previous post).

Winner of the Most Desperate Plea for Ad Clicks

The "winner" of the Revverberation prize for most desperate plea for ad clicks goes to...

Art-Tel... you've got great creativity. But the "beg for click" model is unsustainable. Just create good stuff and more people will lift your videos to busier sites. That will get you WAY more clicks than trying to maximize the fairly set percentage of click-thru on

New users to Revver click ads out of curiousity. Once you've been surfing for a while, you click for two reasons: 1) You want to reward the creator because you're blown away with something, 2) You're actually interested in the advertisers message.

Time for Channels?

Here's my prediction for Revver... although it wasn't designed to be a big video portal, the market will take it that route. As Revver videos get distributed broadly, there will be exponentially more visitors to

The implication of increased traffic to is consumer demand for more segmentation... how many of us have sent someone to to see a video, only to have them rate it and get the next posting which is inappropriate? I'm looking forward to not having my kids (naturally my favorite subject these days) mixed with raunchy stuff.

Consumers will want more than to dive into keywords but by interest. Who wants to click keyword synonyms for "funny" (hilarious, comedy, etc.) to find the funny stuff? Plus a lot of desperate creators are "keyword jamming," by using all commonly searched words regardless of the content. Obiosuly I'd like to not have my stupid kid videos mixed with adult videos.

Even if Revver's focus is on creating a broader channel through partnerships, there wil invariably be consumer interest in using as a window into viral videos- forcing it to compete with YouTube, Stupid Videos and the rest of he sites.

Revver has a distinct advantage over those sites. The video creator has little incentive to submit to them: a) it's hard, b) only the few get chosen, c) no feedback , d) no shared revenue- just the possibility of getting a flat fee if your video is chosen. Revver's second advantage is that it's focused on original content. If I want to watch bloopers, I'll watch AFV. If I want to see people hurting themselves, there's always Jackass or If I want to watch commercials I can go anywhere.

So here's the takeaway to any of the Revver interns that are reading... start building the segments now. Funny videos. Documentary types. Stupid ones. Adult humor (with limits). Artist ones. Bazaar stuff. You get the idea.. it's a proactive way to satisfy consumer needs and will make more financial sense then letting affiliates do this for you and shave 20% off the top.

Muddy Revver

This morning's most recent post was porn. Unavoidable since Revver doesn't do real-time approval of content. Naturally the video will vanish when the west coast wakes up.

Two thoughts on avoiding this:
1) Find affiliates that will monitor and alert someone of inappropriate content.
2) Create a segmented experience. This is a whole separate rant, so I'll make it my next post.

I hope this kind of thing won't create a time-delay for posts. It's too fun to publish real time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

President Speech Writer

Terrific piece- we watched this in the office with about 2 dozen PR people and laughed until tears formed. Whether you're blue or red, donkey or elephant... you'll appreciate this one about George W.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Nosey Little Snot... spots the tail

This is delivered with a strange poetry that has become part of marquisdejolie's style. This guy has more Revver videos than anyone I've found yet, and most are terrifying and humorous all at once.

This one is my favorites. Turning an otherwise missed moment into a fascinating statement -- and I probably missed a whole dimension of it since there's not yet a Cliff Note companion to this work.

Putting the 'Tard in Mustard

Pass the grey poupon... hats off to Mustardman's Revver feature. With its charming music and jump edits, it's like passing an accident on a highway. I challenge you not to rubberneck.

So many questions as I watch this. Is it archain? Shot on a VHS a decade ago? What's this Napolean Dynamite do for a living?

I give Mustardman credit. Anyone who can humiliate himself wearing a mustard outfit, as neighborhood kids pounce him... deserves a kudos on Revverbation (that and a quarter will get you a gum ball).

Nor'Eastern Hits

It's cold. And 2 days ago it was nice. Now I don't have to keep my distant relatives guessing... here's what the Feb. 12 storm brought us in PA.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Revver as I see it... Bub and Bob

This is what I love about Revver. Who else in the world would make this ridiculous "Bub and Bob" clip available for the masses? Totally pointless and I've watched it three times (and rated it). I'm even thinking about buying a $20 t-shirt from American Apparel since they seem to be a steady Revver sponsor. Most of my t-shirts last 10 years so that's $2 per year.

Wd don't know much about the creatores (Songbros) except that they clearly spent some time turning this out via paint programs and Studio plus (and, per the description)... Red Bull.

These guys also have a profile on

P.S. My daughter just stopped me mid-post and made me play Bub and Bob 3 more times. Then she gave me this drawing...