Saturday, February 25, 2006


Not a pretty picture here. Woke up this morning and found 35 of my videos suspended from Revver because of music copyright issues. Totally understand why some of my vintage ones got yanked as I've always taken liberties on adding scores. But a lot of the recent ones got pulled where I had my own GarageBand music. Ugh...

Here's hoping they can repost the ones that got pulled erroneously.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Making Revver's User Experience Better

You know it. Revver knows it. The Revver user experience leaves some room for improvement. Especially around the way that videos are ranked (which often appears random).

I've got a whole list of suggestions... my biggest is that I'd love to send people to and have my stuff listed chronologically. I'm also really bummed about when someone looks at one of my clips and rates it, they jump to the most recent post. Nothing makes your parents prouder than to see their grandkids followed by a topless drunk.

I spoke with some folks yesterday that had pet peeves too. If you have some ideas, e-mail me at, or post them here. I think I'm just going to send the notes to Revver rather than posting them here. Not sure I want to give the competition any ideas. :)

Scoring Your Revver Video with iTunes? Stay Tuned for a Note from the "Revver Copyright Soup Nazi"

I got a gift certificate for iTunes at Christmas, and used every penny of it buying music to score my videos. Nothing turns a cheap home movie into a semi-packaged piece like a familiar tune in the background.

I figured Revver had enough to do worrying about pillaged commercials and used content, and that my music wouldn't worry anybody. Turns out I was wrong (see ominous note from the "Revver Copyright Soup Nazi" below).

Last night while driving all four kids to Dairy Queen I actually spoke with Steve Starr. He's the Revver big daddy (who didn't say anything about the fact that I mocked him in my recent post- thumbnail below). Amyway, I assumed the policy was rooted in risk mitigation. A startup can't afford a lawsuit from the Music Industry (insert dramatic strings sound here).

It appears to run deeper than that- the Revver folks are pretty passionate about protecting the work of creators -- whether that's Aerosmith, Pink Floyd or some clown submitting a viral video.

So I'll stop whining about how much better my stuff would be with real music instead of the canned stuff I've been creating in GarageBand. They've even pointed me to some sites with royalty-free songs (more on that in another post).

------ note from the Revver Copyright Soup Nazi -------

(by the way, I edited this to make it a little nicer and sent it back to them. Let me know if they change it). :)

It has come to the Web Master's attention that you may be posting content containing unauthorized copyright material that requires licenses, clearances, or written permission from the owner of such content.

Since this is in violation of Section 4 of the Terms Of Use,, we have suspended the content in question from the website.

If you possess the requisite clearances, or believe you have received this e-mail in error, please contact us at

Revver, Inc

Finally, here's the clip of me being Steve Starr (it's called "Revver Interns")

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dick Cheney's Got a Gun

The Dick Cheney gun incident has already spurred some nice satire: "Dick Cheney's Got a Gun" (to the tune of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun). Great thing about viral videos... they move like corn through the digestive system (I've always maintained we don't eat corn we simply borrow it).

Here's the source of the original song:
  • Bob

  • For an animated music video of the song, check out
  • Tooned In
  • Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Fishing Deep in the Revver

    Ever go fishing in Revver? Just pick a random keyword and select a random number... see what you find. It's amazing how some items are quite decent, but are totally lost. Here's an example... this might not be the next Will Ferrell comedy, but when I found this "Kill Your Roommate" clip it only had 10 viewers since its post in November!

    It's a bit long, which is probably why it vanished. But I'm sure we can agree this piece by Orangeman is worth more than 10 impressions... thoughts?

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Welcome to Revver Google Searchers

    In the past year I've been urging our brand teams (for my day job) to maximize their search-engine marketing spend. For brands I work most closely on, we spend every possible dollar on Google, MSN and Overture (Yahoo) before we move to banner buys. It's efficient- reaching the "hand raiser."

    Today (I hope) I'll actually be spending my own money on Google. Purchased the keyword "Revver" for a little while... hopefully put this Blog on the map as I await higher natural search results (aka higher listings on the search engines). I'm a Google fanatic. The brand is all over our home- blankets, toys, kite, lava lamp, pens.

    So if you just searched REVVER and you're reading this... make yourself at home. See the top links to your right to get started...


    Thank God Revver didn't exist when I was in school

    I was just looking at the clips of drunken parties on Revver. And I was thinking how lucky I am that Revver didn't exist when I was in high school or college.

    In highschool, we used to videotape everything. At some point I found my younger sister and her friend watching some of the tapes she swiped from my room- and if I had walked in about 30 seconds later we'd have had to have a LONG talk.

    Can you imagine waking up hungover in college, and finding your antics posted on Revver? Ugh. I embarass myself on Revver enough when I'm sober.

    Revver Interns & Rating Functionality

    Got a post from Rob that the rating functionality is working, but not for me anyway.

    Speaking of which, here's my spoof on the Revver Interns. My original quote to Sanjay (the mock CIO of Revver) was "can you update me on the rating functionality glitch" but I had to edit that out. Saving it for the DVD commentary.

    Monday, February 20, 2006 Gets PR Plug on Micropersuasion

    My Blog idol, Steve Rubel, just wrote about Revver. Steve writes a blog called Micropersuasion, and I've been trying to get him to mention Revver for a few weeks. Coincidentally, Steve posted on Revver moments before learning that Revver is a client of his brand new employer (Edelman).

    Micropersuasion is a highly visited blog, and a BusinessWeek cover story on Blogs last year said Rubel is “an all-knowing Thumper in a forest of clueless Bambis.” He's spoken at my company (the day job) and really understands the impact of consumer generated media and citizen journalists.

    Thanks for the mention, Steve. Revver needs increased visibility and traffic. You just earned your first paycheck at Edelman.

    We've got about 3-4 months befor officially launches out of beta!

    Here's Steve's piece:
  • Micropersuasion Reviews Revver
  • Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Looking for Content and $ for Your Site?

    If you manage a site and are looking for fresh content to keep your visitors returning, then you'll really like Revver. You're not just allowed to rip off Revver's videos, you're encouraged to do so. is not, at its heart, a video portal. It's a tool for content creators to earn some ad revenue from their stuff. You'll be able to find good content, keep your site fresh, and even make 20% of the ad revenue behind each Revver video.

    As with anything, there's good news and bad news.

    First the good news. Revver will provide you with 20% of the ad revenue for each video you scrape from its site and post on yours ( It's really simple- just be sure you sign up to Revver and you're logged on when you snatch the HTML representing the video's thumbnail; this appears below each video you watch. You'll notice that there's a special unique number in the HTML that associates you with that video.

    Now the bad news. Anyone can post videos to Revver. Which means you'll be sifting through a significant range of quality. Most of it's original because Revver eventually pulls you down if you're just submitting someone else's advertisement.

    Here are some tips to finding the good stuff:
    1) Check Revver's "editor's choices." They've been vetted by actual humans.
    2) Look at "top rated" video (although they are, for reasons I can't explain, appearing randomly as opposed to in any sequence based on their total visits and ranking). For the most part, a bad video won't last long with a rating above 4.
    3) Get an RSS for specific keywords. Then you can passively check for new content by certain creators or type of content. For instance, I have friends that use Google's video portal and set up an RSS for my stuff ( You can use other keywords based on your website's needs. Just replace the word nalts in the code above with any keyword- humor, sexy, music, etc.
    4) Check in again with I'm a bit self serving right now (highlighting my own videos), but my goal is to identify the best creators on Revver to help people sift through the ocean of stuff.