Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Cheapest Actors Are Your Kids

I knew there was someone out there (besides me) who doesn't mind turning his family into low-cost actors. Founder of MediaSentry, Aaron Fessler created "Kid Steals Truck." This is a story of a young boy who-- when he realizes he's out of milk and can't wake his parents -- decides to take the family truck to Dunkins with his sister.

Warning- this is more than 7 minutes long, so get a bowl of cereal if you decide to watch it. BTW- how did Aaron get his son Jared (who can't be much older than my 4 kids) to do all of this? I can barely get mine to sit still for a 30-second piece.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Make your Revver videos better... Izzy Video

Thanks again to a loyal viewer that identified this site. The "Izzy" has some nice ideas on making better pieces.


Bigger Advertisers Discover Revver: Priceline, Snapfish and Sony

I understand that some bigger companies are beginning to advertise on Revver, which helps legitimize it. AquaDad spotted ads from Priceline, Snapfish and Sony. My loyalty to Revver means that I'm 10x more likely to buy something on a Revver advertisor than anywhere else. I don't think I'm alone.

Google Video Flaw: Dear PCMagazine

This morning I read a review of Google Video in PCMag (my favorite bathroom companion, and the magazine that first led me to I suddenly realized what bothers me about Google Video and YouTube, and I sent the good folks at PCMag the following letter.

I suspect my odds of getting printed are just under the odds of any of my Reader's Digest jokes getting published (I once got close enough that a Reader's Digest editor called me to ask specifics about my joke, but it never saw light of day). Anyway, here's the letter:


Dear PCMag Editors:

Two of my favorite brands are PCMag and Google. So when I read your review on Google Video, I felt obliged to point out a frequently overlooked distinction between Google video and the rest of Google. Whereas regular Google facilitates a user's access to the Internet, Google video is a giant reservoir of videos in which Google manages all of the advertising... and shares none of it with creators.

I want my website indexed by Google because I can attract visitors and serve ads to them while I solve their needs. But what's my incentive to submit my amateur videos to Google? It's called "video sharing," but it's missing a big chunk of the sharing. I'm sticking with (which I learned about from PCMag), because I make 50% of the profits when advertisers click my link. Google and MyTube may give me a giant audience, but fame isn't paying for my next video camera or PC.

-Kevin H. Nalty
Doylestown, PA

P.S. is my new blog on if you're interested.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Getting Traffic from YouTube

I've discovered that my videos on YouTube are getting way more traffic than the Revver ones. See and search Nalts. But of course I don't make a dime, which is why I didn't even notice this traffic until recently. I do like that people can post comments. I should read them.

So here's an idea inspired, in part, by Fuzzy putting the YouTube protest video up. We Revverites create our videos with a Revver plug at the end (my logo serves that end). Sooner or later the YouTube viewers start seeing the name Revver a lot. Then one of two things happens:

1) YouTube decides to share ad revenue (though I doubt it)
2) Even better, Revver gets more traffic and we get greater visibility on our Revver videos... and actually make money!

Portable Revver Videos

Toss out the tiny video iPods... something else may be coming (iPod video player with 4-inch screen) that will allow us to take our Revver flicks on the road and show them to the non-enlightened...

Here's the scoop:
4-inch Video iPod Gossip on

Make a 5-Minute Howard Stern Video

Everyone keeps telling me about this Howard Stern video contest, so I feel obliged to post it on the Blog. Not sure if I'm going to bother entering given the high degree of competition likely in the pool. But if you're braver than I, here are the details:

-5-minutes or less film that plays to Howard Stern's ego-Due April 11
-Due April 11
-Prize is $15K for first place ($7,500 for second and $2,500 for third). Plus press exposure for the finalists, and winning films will be aired on Howard TV On Demand and at the festival in NYC on April 27, 2006.

Lots of restrictions, but here are full details: Howard Stern Video Contest

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Create your own Revver portal

I'm intrigued by the entrepreneurial spirit of a certain "Fuzzy Momani," because I think he's found a new angle to making money on Revver. He parked, and has built a simple portal into Revver by certain categories.

More importantly, he's marketing it by submitting videos to YouTube.

Sure- there's a part of me that wishes I parked that URL proactively, and had the ability to create a full site that addresses the portal limitations of Revver. However those thoughts are largely offset by the fact that: a) I admire the creativity and execution, b) I'm glad he's promoting's model, c) He's providing an extension of what Revver offers, and d) He's included some of the Nalts clips (but should include more).

Mo money for Momani... hope to see more of these surface. Expect we will.

Loving Videos Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

I just paid another visit to Videos for Sharks, a frequent advertisor of Found this mention about my stuff:

"Nalts is the Nick Coppola of rap: His name is Nalts and he loves making videos like a fat kid loves cake... I'll say anything to make you smile." Click here for the specific post

Thanks, Sharks. Nobody has captured my passion for making videos as well as you did with the simile "like a fat kids love cake."

Beyond Revver? Other online video sites.

I'm a Revver junkie, but this blog needs to be about amateurs sharing their videos for money- not just about Revver. So today's question is... has anything else evolved that provides us with a way to share our videos and make money? Not yet.

Want to read a nice review on video sharing applications as part of the new "Web 2.0"? Techcrunch reviews 6 video sharing sites:,,,,, and of course

Likening Revver to "Fruicast for bloggers," Michael Arrington says this: "one service that has a unique feature is Revver...Revver will auto-insert advertisements directly into your videos and share revenue with you." To read the review, click this link: TechCrunch Review of Video Sharing

So here's a message to the other video sites. Please figure out a way to allow your viewers to view Revver videos through your portal (and you can select which ones based on what's getting good ratings and views on You'll make 20% of the ad revenue and you won't have to create a single bit of content.

Most importantly, the good video content will ultimately land on Revver long term. Why? Any dope with a video camera will use YouTube to share videos with a friend because it's easy and free. But a creator that spends time on the video doesn't want to send it out to the web without some way to subsidize their income. So the market will eventually reward Revver's model.

The only threat to Revver's model is a me-too competitor (for instance, if Google were to allow advertisements on the site). Having just spoken with some folks from Google last week, however, I can't see that happening very soon. Too many other places for Google to go that are more profitable. And Revver has a valuable head start in this market, so there would be some serious "cathing up" by an immitator.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Revver Fan Club

I've gotten some passionate e-mails on the address about Revver. Seems there are more than a number of us that are excited about Revver. Lots of ideas about understanding Revver better, improving it, and tracking the pre-launch countdown. We're getting close to moving past beta.

So maybe we take this further than my blog... a fan club? Man that sounds geeky as I read it. Still, maybe there's a call for a discussion group online. I'm not suggesting we get together for a field trip.

I think I can figure out how to set up an online discussion forum, and at the least I could give us a way to speak to each other without worrying about our e-mails being scraped by spammers.

So drop me a line if you're interested... I don't check the account daily, but once I get a few people I'll blast out a note. Let me know if I should put your e-mail address in the BCC so others don't see it.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Welcome Ad Clickers

Traffic to has been up by 150% since I've been running ads on videos.

If you're just arriving from the Revver ad with me holding a wad o' cash, click here to learn how to use this Blog:
Introductory Guide to the unofficial blog of

If you're here for some short videos, here's the best of my videos (Nalts) below:
Best Nalts Videos