Friday, April 14, 2006

GO REVVER! -- Slogan Time!

Okay, so I'm not much on the cutting edge of what's happening in the industry, however, I'm a huge fan of REVVER and I really want to see them succeed. So, I thought that we could do them a big favor and come up with some slogans they could use to get the word out! Here's a list I came up with.

- Revver: Not just a clever Palindrome.
- Clever People are Revver People
- For Clever Videos, Watch Revver Videos
- Revver – You Rev up My Life
- Just Rev It!
- Join the Video Revverlution!
- Check Out What’s Around the Revver Bend!
- Watch Revver, It is the Law!
- Revver, where all the hip Videots hang out!
- Revver: It’s about the videos, um...and possible cash.
- Revver: Real People, Making Real Videos, Earning Real Money (real money coming soon)
- LOOK OUT! The REVVER is Rising!
- Revver, It’s a biblical Revverlation
- The addiction: Viral Videos. The cure: not REVVER
- Revverse your current direction, head toward REVVER
- Make Laugh Videos, I go REVVER Now – HA-HA! – Regards, the Hulk
- Revver – Twice as Absorbent as YouTube and Stronger when Wet.
- Nothing’s more worthwhile than a REVVER endeavor
- Better than Porn…I watch Revver!
- Enhance your Revvernue, Join Revver, Make Videos, Earn Cash!
- 4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Revver (that one holdout’s a real jerk!)
- Revver, Home of the Freshest Nalts’ Videos
- Families that Revver Together, Stay Together

Well, I guess I won't be quitting my dayjob anytime soon. So let's hear from you, post your favorite Revver slogans!

Please note REVVER lawyers, if you do actually use any of these (mine especially), we can work out my fee at a comfortable restaurant of my choosing. Invite Nalts too, and cover his travel expenses (including his kids and wife and anyone else in his entourage).

Guest Editor -- AquaDad

Thursday, April 13, 2006

How I Found Revver...What Kept Me There

How I found Revver -- Last year, November issue I believe, PC Magazine had a little filler on Revver. I cut it out, told a couple of my video buddies to check it out (I hadn’t yet) and promptly forgot about it. January comes along and one of those buddies sends me a link to it, which I don’t click on. During these months, I had purchased Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Acid Music Studio and I was finally able to make some little videos, which I thought would be fun to start posting online. Sony’s AcidPlanet didn’t totally impress me (which my software pointed me to). And then, around February, I remembered Revver. So I checked it out.

What’s this messy tags list on the right side? Why is Jarvis a tag? Well, I guess I’ll click on this Hungry Turtle video…

What Kept Me There -- The very first video I clicked on was Nalts’ Hungry Turtle which had Jaw’s music set to his swimming turtle eating something. I thought to myself, hmmm, I could do that (missing the whole point of Nalts’ genius). I clicked around some more and started seeing more of Nalts’ family videos, Evil Hand 1 & 2 and Annoying My Son. From that point on, I was hooked!

In late February, I posted my first video, and started to get hooked on Stat watching. I’ve only posted 6 so far, had one mentioned in the Revver Blog, one on Most Watched and one on Editor’s Picks – it’s all very exciting.

And, then, I followed Nalts’ profile, which led me to Revverberation which has made the experience richer for the information and entertainment and for recognizing that there’s a community out there. It’s also chock full of info on this brand spanking new industry.

Are home-cooked videos just a fad? I don’t know, but I’m glad to be participating in it.

How Did You Find Revver? Anyone else out there want to share how they found Revver? Post a comment…

(guest edited by AquaDad)


Hello, while Nalts is out of town with intermittent, scattered and partial computer access, he asked me, AquaDad, to guest edit Revverberation. I am, of course, thrilled to be given such an honor, but ask you, the Revver, Revverberation, CubeBreak, and Nalts fans, to wait patiently for Nalts’ return with his informative and always entertaining articles, that, as James Jarvis mentioned recently, point us “in so many interesting directions that [we] don’t have time to make videos anymore”. Meanwhile, I’ll do the best I can…

But first, what the heck was Nalts doing on April 10? I missed going online to read Revverberation for a day and he posted more than 15 articles!!! And they weren’t little articles, they were beefy, meaty articles expounding on all things Revver and related.

This is the mystery of Nalts.

He can’t possibly have 4 kids. Do you think he just rents them on the weekends for filming?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Revver 911

Dear friends and family. I wish to alert you that Revver has taken quite ill. We don't have a status update, but she's in critical care now. Her doctor, Rob, will provide an update upon some further diagnosis. We hope that her illness is not just containable but treatable. In the meantime, we ask for your prayers during this difficult time.

Please send donations to in lieu of flowers. Oh- wait. If Revver doesn't work, CubeBreak doesn't work. D'oh.

P.S. YouTube has had some "downages" this seek too. It's probably a new video virus. I'd spoof it in a video, but none of you would see it anyway.

Revver Running Slowwww?

Is it just me or is Revver running really slow. Can't seem to open videos, see ads or access account balance. I don't think it's my own network, because other sites seem to be moving.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

FireFox Contest: 3 Days Left

Here's the site behind the FireFox contest. I'd encourage you to support the contest for two reasons. First, FireFox is a Revver supporter. They've bought a decent quantity of media. Second, FireFox rocks. It's no surprise it's rapidly gaining market share. I look at our website logs and see the percentage of FireFox users rising each month. I especially like it for my Mac because Safari is sometimes unfriendly to sites (for instance, I can't use Blogger's full functionality on Safari).

Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Another contest for those of you into this sort of thing. It's a Nicktoon one. But watch out. There's a girl in Texas that is submitting with the help of her grandfather, a semi-professional.


So here's the behind the scenes of Way longer than the ideal video, but I needed to interview enough of the team to ensure that nobody felt left out.

Do You Deserve Freedom from Your Job? Video Contest...

NBC's "The Today Show" is hosting a contest called "Freedom from Your Job." You have until April 19 to submit 150 words and a video on why you deserve a day off.

The winner gets:(1) Roundtrip airfare from closest major airport to winner’s home to New York City for winner and guest; (2) one night accommodations (one Interior Stateroom), double occupancy for Winner and guest on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas ship on May 11, 2006; (3) two nights hotel accommodations (single room, double occupancy) for Winner and guest in New York City on May 12, 2006 and May 13, 2006; (4) the chance to attend the TODAY Show live from the Freedom of the Seas on May 12, 2006, including the on board Barry Manilow Concert. Total approximate retail value of the prize is: $2,488.

It's "Open Mike Night" on the Old Information Superhigway

What did I do before Revver? I can't remember. At 5:00 a.m., what did I watch? How did I use my time before I could safely watch the musings of a former homeless agoraphobic vet? Did I actually have to drive to NYC to stalk women on cell phones? Was there a time when a red chair was just a red chair? A guy that exploits his kids for profit (which is just plain wrong).

What did I look forward to seeing on the web? The latest issue of TheOnion? A caption-the-cartoon blog by Jim Meskimen, the voice of JibJab?

Now it's "open mike night" on the information superhighway. And I don't mind sitting through some bad acts to see some of the most interesting things available since this crazy world-wide web fad started.

P.S. If you're a regular Revver reader you have a free pass to be included on Let me know. Again- the idea is that nobody can remember how to spell Revver much less how to find your videos. So this URL works as a path- it lives on CubeBreak, but I'm not trying to weasel my way into an affiliate fee here. Straight path.

Monday, April 10, 2006

FireFox Embraces Citizen Created Commercials (CCC)

Recently, FireFox held a contest to generate some CCCs. Here are two ads generated by people like you and me... Who have more money. And more time.

Hey, Steve. Post a Comment on Revverberation, Would You?

So I've been e-mailing Steve Rubel about this blog. He's responded to e-mail but I can't get him to jump onto for a celebrity posting.

Steve Rubel, in case you don't know, is the guru of blogging. BusinessWeek said he was "positioned as an all-knowing Thumper in a forest of clueless Bambis." He spoke at my company to advise us on how to respond to "citizen journalism," and his blog, Micropersuasion, somehow lands in the top of every Google search I ever do. He recently joined Edelman, a public relations firm that (last we checked) happens to represent Revver.

Steve- I'm hoping you find this post on an Ego Surf. Or maybe one of your roving reporters will call it to your attention. Can you help 'em out with over the Revver PR? It's quiet. Too quiet.

The Elephant in the Room: Copyright Infringement

"The Internet is NOT about closed environments, but the elephant in the room is copyright infringement," said Steven Starr, founder of Revver, at a recent Digital Hollywood conference. Should it surprise us that Starr hit on the subject of copyright infringement? Anyway, I found this weird blog that has one page of notes from the fourth day of the event..

What makes this event so unusual is that it was attended by all of these founders, presidents and SVPs of video startups... as well as Keith Richman, CEO, Now I know NOTHING about Keith Richman. I haven't even Googled him yet. But based on my time on his site, I just have this image of him sitting in the back of the room in a tight t-shirt and jeans, chuckling and holding a dirty martini. He signals to the founder of, and they both head down to the hotel bar to avoid the last speaker of the day.

Revver Aggregator (CubeBreak) Selected as "New Media Pick of Week"

Wow... just when I was getting frustrated about how CubeBreak is costing me more than it's making, I see it got reviewed by as a "new media pick of the week." The title of the CubeBreak listing (number 7- my lucky number) is "video clips aggregator complements Revver."

See I'm taking EgoBlogging to a new level tonight. First I blogged about a blog that blogged about me, and now I'm blogging about a blog that reviewed my site.

I'm honored. I'd like to thank CubeBreak's entire team of programmers, editors, sales and marketing people. They all happen to have the same name, but that doesn't stop them from arguing.

Revver In the News

Revver hits big time. This Chinese (or is it Japanese) blog gives Revver 5 stars. Actually I can't read a word of it, but I'm pretty sure it slanders MotionTV.

Technorati for Blog Searches

I use Technorati as a tool to search for what folks are saying about Revver. Today's search yielded AcquaDad's post about Revver. I thought there could be few things as self indulgent as blogging about a blog that blogs about you.

Matrix of 40 Video Sites

The video site reviewers are getting more pervasive than YouTube articles. Here's another one by MustSeeBlog that puts Revver as pretty much average.

I guess I have to keep reminding myself that some folks are just getting used to the fact that they can share videos without paying for hosting. It doesn't even occur to them that they should make money if their content is good.

ePinions for Video Hosting Sites

A blog called "Loaded Pun" is building an inventory of consumer feedback on a wide array of video sites via TestingGrounds. Definitely worth a read. If you're a Revver fan, be sure to drop your opinion there.

EyeSpot and Napster Guys: Separated at Birth?

Got a couple e-mails asking me what I meant by the fact that the EyeSpot guy looks "Napsteresque." Admit it. The EyeSpot guy and Napster guy were separated at birth.

Spotlight on EyeSpot

So the DVGuru likes Vimeo more than Eyespot. But it's got such a cute logo that I couldn't resist blogging on it. Seems some Revver posters have found their own stuff remixed on Eyespot. How on Earth do you find out where your videos land? Grant, anyone can figure out how to rip, mix and post. But this one creeps me out just a bit. In the wrong hands, I'm afraid of what my videos would look like (especially the ones with my kids!).

Still, I'm such a logo whore... look at that little EyeSpot guy. He's Napsteresque isn't he? I'm convinced that if Revver's logo wasn't so cool and its name wasn't so awesome, I'd be blogging about gardening right now.

Downloading YouTube Videos

This is a site that has a script for downloading YouTube videos. There is also a script for Google Video, but it's no longer necessary because Google video has that functionality available (for free videos).

I haven't figured out how to install this, but it's nice to know I can keep good videos I find. Especially since many YouTube videos will vanish as copyright issues get more pronounced.

P.S. I can't vouch for the integrity of this script. Use at your own risk.

Petition for Revverberation Link on

I've asked Revver for a link to Revverberation on the homepage. Or at least off of the "official Revver blog."

Here are a few reasons. Anyone want to sign the petition? Just post something here.
1) Help Content Providers: There are plenty of tips on this blog that can help content providers draw more traffic and increase revenue. These folks can't find that information on
2) Help Advertisers: There is some content here that helps advertisers better use (having better "calls to action"). By day, I buy online ads, so I know how these folks thing. Okay- not all online media buyers actually think. But you get the idea.
3) Precedence: Even Google Video links to fan sites. If this was Googleberation I'd have a zillion people here a day.
4) Traffic: People tend to go to after leaving I have some data that suggests as much as 5% of March traffic to came from this blog alone. I'm actually buying keywords on Google to drive traffic, and losing money on it since the revenue from the ads surrounding this content is about 26 cents to date.
5) Frequent Updates: Rob and Nicole are the primary updaters of the official Revver Blog, but they often go a week or two between posts. We post neurotically here at

I even promised Revver that -- in exchange for a link -- I wouldn't sound off as much about Revver knockoffs. Although that's pretty easy, given that there are only two other websites that help content providers get paid: one site that has me under a "cease and desist" and the other that charges visitors for videos, which isn't right for most of us.

Revver Needs Traffic!

Having looked at some proprietary internet service provider (ISP) data on March visitor traffic to the major video sites, I can now say conclusively that Revver's traffic is as low as I expected. It's about 1/50th of YouTube's traffic (and YouTube is growing like wild fire).

Multiply your own Revver account balance by 50 and imagine that for a moment. Of course more traffic to Revver will mean more competition for eyeballs. And more traffic may mean fewer ad clicks (I will predict that seasoned Revver users will tend to click a smaller percent of ads, even though they'll look at many more videos). Anyway, we all agree that more traffic to Revver (whether the homepage or the videos on other sites) is good for those of us creating content.

Now what can we do about the traffic? Revver, I hope you're listening...

Four Calls to Action:

1) Accelerate the public relations (best ROI because advertising will be cost-prohibitive for a startup... look at the press YouTube is getting!).
2) Engage Online Advertising (selective keyword buys and targeted CPM). The traffic Revver gets from Google is embarassingly low compared to most of the sites I manage in my day job. We should be seeing 50% plus of the traffic to Revver coming from Google and Yahoo. There are two obvious problems here: a) Revver isn't well "search engine optimized" because the video content isn't searchable by Google crawlers (which index mostly text). b) Revver hasn't done a lick of online keyword buying (the ads on the right). This is a very cost efficient way to attract traffic as long as you buy very targeted terms. I buy "bored" to drive CubeBreak traffic and "Revver" to drive traffic to Revverberation. But I cap the buy very low to avoid going broke. So you'll often see these ads in the morning and not later in the day.
3) Boost affiliate model (give affiliates bigger incentives to post Revver videos)
4) Partner with 2nd-tier video sites. Forget YouTube and Google Video. Aggregate some of the 2nd tier providers and get them using Revver- just like the deal (speaking of which, it's been quiet lately on that deal). Having a flash option to Quicktime will make this easier. Sites like eBaumsworld and can derive additional revenue (without cannibalizing their existing revenue) by including the ad frame.

Revver Trumping YouTube? (Motley Fool)

This Motley Fool article had this to say about Revver: "There's a new company called that may even trump YouTube. It offers many of the same features as YouTube, but it's also offering to split ad revenue with users uploading original videos. It's a bold approach. Within a year, Revver will either be huge or it will be history. There is no in-between when you're dishing out that kind of tasty viral candy."

It's nice to see a financial-investment website validate the Revver model. I disagree with the notion that it will be "huge or history" and that it will trump "YouTube." These sites will coexist. I've done more research (via internet service provider data) and the traffic gap between YouTube and Revver is dramatic. Revver is a different business model. Those who want to be popular will gravitate to the site that affords them the most traffic. Those of us who would like some secondary income will stick to sites like Revver.

I am firmly convinced that Revver will always remain an "alternative to YouTube" that offers higher quality video content. Reason #1 -- it's going to attract people that have good enough content that they feel like they can make money. Reason #2 --it's going to keep away your average video uploader (with garbage) because it's easier to upload on YouTube without pesky copyright issues.

Disney/ABC Awakens to Ad-Supported Free Video Model

Well, Revverites, it seems that Mickey Mouse is migrating to the Revver model- free, ad supported content online. Starting in May, you'll be able to watch your favorite ABC Shows (Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Commander in Chief) online and free- the morning after they air. See CNN's coverage of the story.

According to the WSJ, ABC will "unveil a revamped Web site that will include a "theater" where people with broadband connections can watch free episodes." ABC currently has a busy site that feels like t.v. on the web... commercials and promos launch whether you're ready or not.

Here's another interesting story covering this transformation: "Are You Ready for the New Media" by

Does this mean viral videos produced by amateurs will fade? I think quite the contrary. This will further validate online viewing, and help tear down the artificial walls between your t.v. set and your computer. In a few years, the difference between "online videos" and broadcast television will seem trivial. There won't be a distinction. The same goes for Podcasting/Syrius/XM/iTunes. It all just becomes "audio on demand" and I don't care if it comes from my Verizon broadband connection or my Comcast video box. As long as I am in control of what I watch.

Top 10 Video Sharing Sites Reviewed: Vimeo, Eyespot, Jumpcut, OurMedia, VSocial, Google Video, Grouper, Revver, VideoEgg, YouTube (by DVGuru)

The DVGuru just did a fantastic review of the best video sharing services, including: Vimeo, EyeSpot, JumpCut, OurMedia, VSocial, Google Video, Grouper, Revver, VideoEgg and YouTube.

I encourage you to read the full report because it's balanced and thorough, but here are some highlights.
>> Seems uploading problems are a problem beyond Revver. Nothing will frustrate someone like having to upload multiple times or wait for days (Google). Vimeo seems to have figured this out best.
>> Different sites for different occasions. Some are best for editing, others for sharing. Right now the only ways to make money appear to be Revver and Google Video. There's a third , but I'm afraid to write about it.
>>Once again, video sites are looked upon as trying to be the FlickR of online videos. Why does everyone use that analogy?

>>Bottom line:

a) Use JumpCut for editing (see recent JumpCut announcement on Revverberation). I tried using it after some good feedback from the recent post, but it wasn't accepting my videos. Nothing happened when I hit upload.
b) Vimeo seems like "one to watch."
c) YouTube continues its reign. "Mind-share winner by a mile."

Looks like DVGuru is going to keep watching Revver. Anyway, I'm glad to finally see Revver surfacing in these sites. It just goes to show that you can get SOME press by just having a good product. However a little PR would help, folks!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blogging Problem

I'll admit it. He's right.

Could I get the number of that person that can help? Also- glad to see this finally made it past the Revvegulators.