Friday, May 19, 2006

Chapter Eleven TV Launches

Well it's official. Another entrant to the online video "desination sites." It's called Chapter Eleven TM, and you can see the site here at No ads, no fees, no business model.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Consider the Lobster

A REVVER Editor's Pick with zero views?

Yep. Several days without a single view. Well, it got me curious finally, so I watched it. I figured if the nice people at Revver thought it was good, then I just might like it.

And I did like it. It's called, Consider the Lobster.

Turns out, it has a literary bent to it. And, if like me, you're a David Foster Wallace fan, then you found yourself an entertaining little gold mine. He reads his own text, about despising all things touring and tourist-related, accompanied to some great Flash (I believe) animation. It really adds up to an entertaining experience.

The company who created it, Vidlit, has a website at And it looks like they take book excerpts ("Chunklets" I think is what they called them) that mixes the author reading from his or her own work with some great animated visuals.

Something new and interesting for you Revverites to keep an eye out for and evidence that Editor's Picks are often some of the better things to watch out there.

But that's just my opinion, check it out for yourself. AquaDad

(Please note, I am not affiliated with Vidlit in any way shape or form. I don't believe Nalts is either)

Revverberation Gets Spammed

Sorry for those of you that RSS for all comments, because Revverberation has been spammed. I must have gotten 12 comments from some jackass promoting his/her website. I've sadly turned on "word verification" which means you have to type in some squirly-looking word to post. That should stop auto spammers, but it's so annoying.

The Pure Digital Point & Shoot

A few weeks ago I did this video asking my wife for the Pure Digital Point & Shoot camera. I was sitting on the toilet for the video, but that's more information than you wanted. My wife did get me the camera- thanks, Jo. If you're interested in the camera, check out this eGadget review.
Here's where I'm going. Our friend Stacy (who is hooked on eBay like I am Revver) decided to buy it. And here's her first Revver entry... very nice. Moving titles. I'm impressed. I spend half my editing time removing the parts where my kids say "I hate you," so I'm pleased to see it as the zinger in her video.

By the way, this camera is all the rage now, and (of course) it dropped to about $100 the moment we bought it.

While MarquisdeJolie is Away The Nightmares Will Stay

James Jarvis (MarquisdeJolie) is offline for a while, and Revver isn't the same without him. In the meantime, however, you don't have to worry about sleeping sans nightmares. Mike Etoll has emerged as an OCD Revver poster. This one's going to keep me up tonight...

Revver's Tattoo Lady

Did you guys get a good look at the Revver Tattoo lady? I've got a tight shot that's very interesting.

The People of Revver

When you're obsessed with a website or company, it's fun to see the people behind it. Here are some screen grabs of the recent Nalts tribute. Since they posted a higher resolution one last night, I was able to get some decent stills of some of the people.
I get these same looks at work quite often. In fact a few of these faces remind me of my sisters' reaction to anything I did growing up. I can just imagine the behind-the-scenes video of this piece, which would feature these 3 moments:
1) The awkward silence as everyone decides to eat cake without me there.
2) The director urging his co-workers to not smile during their reaction shots.
3) The CEO politely declining the offer to say "You're Fired" in Donald Trump style, and instead offering his daughter for the line.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CIA is listening to you

I woke up this morning to a Time and Newsweek cover story on the CIA's efforts to listen to our calls. Couldn't resist this one.

Meanwhile, it's another video I did alone (cameraman, both callers, makeup). At least my crew is cheap.

The Stinky Monkey Finally Makes it to Revver

Well, this timeless video finally made it to Revver. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first video I think I ever watched on a laptop. Very retro. I'm sure the submitter is the copyrighted owner. Not.

Honored by a Revver Tribute

What can I say? I'm ferklemped. Check out this tribute from the fine folks at Revver. They got wind it was my 37th birthday (I'm still 18 in maturity years) and put this delicious montage together. We get to see the Revver team up close (contrasted against my most repulsive shots), and even see Steven Starr's daughter Maya. I suppose Mr. Starr isn't aware that the Internet is a dangerous place to put videos of kids. But she's a cutie. If she hadn't fired me, I'd invite her to a play date with Charlie.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ervrev Makes No Sense

What does the word Ervrev say to you? Nothing. But if you put the letters in the right order, the word is Revver. So below is one of my "wish list" items for the new Revver that must be launching pretty soon (hopefully Revver isn't pulling a Microsoft Vista on us, and the new is indeed coming.

So here's my wish. Can we list videos sequentially by tag? Neither the search results nor the RSS feeds present videos by recency. And yet almost always that's how we want to search the videos. Even better, it would be great to toggle the search so I list by a) relevancy, b) views, c) date, d) submitter. But that's getting complicated. For starters, I just want my RSS feed to show my 3 most recent videos. On Google it's showing (see image) ancient videos for no apparent reason.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Grainy MSN Ads

My spoof on the MSN ads. Credit to Aquadad for the inspiration. They are a little grainy, or is just the eyes of us tired dads?

Revver is Hiring

Well... Our lil' baby is growing up. Check out the job listings for Revver. Parenthetically, some ethical "competitor monitoring" services use blogs and job listings to determine where a company is going strategically. But in Hollywood they bug offices (as evidenced by this May 8 issue of Newsweek). So while my wife was visiting Revver last week, I asked her to grab a few of the bugs that YouTube planted in Revver's main conference room in March. They're now sitting in my 2-year-old's room, causing some executive (picture Wilford Brimley on the 13th floor in "The Firm") to be very, very confused about Revver's hiring criteria.

So here's what we have listed at Revver:
1) Geek Jobs:
Senior System Administrator
Director of Software Development
Software Developer
Rob's Be-atch
Quality Assurance Specialist
Project Manager
IT Support Engineer
Sr DHTML Developer
2) Partner Relationships:
Network Development Coordinator
3) "Buy Our Ads" Department:
Coordinator - Advertising Sales / Sponsorship Content / Marketing
4) "Get Content" Team
Content Acquisitions Manager
Content Acquisition Coordinator
Content Acquisition Coordinator, Member Services
Community Manager
Content Reviewer / Editor

So what's insteresting is that we see a strong emphasis on content acquisition. Which means that Revver has realized that content is still king despite the anarchy of the web. What we should probably expect is that Revver does some bigger deals with small/mid-size content aggregators or emerging models. Revver is a big machine that requires input/output. It's not enough to count on amateur wackos like me to fill the machine, and the big content owners will try to do it without Revver. So Revver will need new models like ExpoTV, contest owners, and other players that have a lot of short-form material (animation would be perfect).

Why would you say no? You can always pull your content down if you decide to commercialize it yourself. And in the meanwhile you make some money, Revver makes some dough, advertisers get some cash, and viewers get something to do besides e-mail and reading dull blogs.

P.S. I didn't see that listing for East Coast VP of PR, Community, Business Development & Content. Qualifications... must be based near NYC, have 4 insane kids willing to be in videos, a wicked passion for online videos and an insatiable passion for online videos.
P.P.S. It's quite ironic that Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize the word "blogs."

My Kids Stealing Our Van

So this was yesterday's project. My wife, Jo, wasn't too excited when I asked her to videotape me driving down the driveway with my son on my lap. Maybe it's because of my track record with the ER?

Anyway, I think about 2 people have seen this on Revver, so I decided to go ahead and blog about it and see if I can drive that number to 4. I got a nice post from my wife's friend, Stacy, who happened to be speaking with Jo via phone as I was driving down the street with Patrick on my lap... Since Stacy liked it, I can honestly state that 50% of the viewers like this video (the other 50% is me, so that doesn't count)

P.S. On an unrelated note, I'm totally miffed that the Point and Shoot is now $99, which is going to lead to a rant on about my uncanny ability to raise prices.