Saturday, May 27, 2006

Guy Reviews Revver on Revver

This guy reviews Revver on Revver. It's an interesting perspective. I wasn't really aware of the quality difference between Flash and Quicktime...

The Dinner Magician And His Audience of 5

Last night at Perkins, I decided to do a series of magic tricks to keep my kids from fussing while we waited for their wholesome pancake dinner. I uploaded them (sans CubeBreak ad) to see if short magic tricks (about 10 seconds per clip) would "sell" on Revver. Ummm... so much for that trial. About 5 views collectively.

Magic Fork Bending Trick

Vanishing Cream

Magic Disappearing Sugar

Hovering Crayon

Crayon in the Nose

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why Revver Isn't a Top-10 Video Site

Hitwise finally reported some public information on the rankings of online video sites! I use Hitwise at work, and I'm glad they made this available so I can blog about it. First of all, Hitwise gets its data on about 25 million Americans by buying ISP data. The data demonstrates that the online video space is white hot. The market share of Internet visits to the 10 leading online video sites has increased by 164 percent in the past three months.

We aren't surprised to see YouTube with the number one share in the category or that MySpace is 2nd. But it was interesting that Yahoo Video beat MSN and Google Video. To read more about my observations on this report, see this post on WillVideoforFood.

Now Revverberation readers are saddened to see Revver off the top 10. There are two primary reasons:
1) Revver is an enabler, and most of its videos are viewed on other sites (like CubeBreak). Hitwise cannot track Revver traffic unless it hits the Revver domain, so this drastically understates Revver's share.
2) As evidenced by the low number of views of videos, does not have significant traffic. Revver is still in launch mode, and has done almost no promotion or public relations.

Revver doesn't want to compete with these video sites, but would just assume enable the videos on these sites and others. Still- I hope when Revver officially launches in the next month or so it does some online promotion. Currently, the only way to make signficant money via Revver is if a kind stranger finds your video on Revver and decides to post it on their high-traffic site.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Drunk Mother

This looks like a clip from an afterschool special from the 70s. Someone was kind enough to dust it off and share it. It's one of my top 10 favorite moments on Revver.

The Cell Phone Gun

Just when you thought it was safe to fly again... the cell phone gun. This is comforting. Consider this the next time you're taking off your shoes to go through security.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A New Revver Addict

So I introduced my wife's friend to Revver, and now she's an addict. Here are the 3 early warning signs:
1) Visit site more than 10 times a day. Get frustrated when there's nothing new.
2) Check account balance daily (or more) even if it only moves by a penny or two.
3) Go through life thinking- that would make a good Revver video.

Anyway, Stacy (who posts as The5ofUs) recently posted "Maxine" and "Annoying Mom" (below). Apparently, these are her daytime personas. To quote her: "Maxine has been around for a while-- in my 12 hour days with the kids, when they get annoying I just have different "personas" that take care of them. The time passes much more quickly (and they listen better too, or get annoyed, either way). I have "Betty" on video too, but haven't had a chance to put it together yet."

We look forward to meeting Betty.

P.S. Stacy was the one that brought this birthday-wish video to my wife's attention. She bought the same camera (for $100 instead of $130).

The Best 20 Revver Posters

So it's time to create a "Best of Revver Posters" list. I'm nominating the following, in no particular order. Please post a comment if I've missed anyone. You are allowed to nominate yourself, but not if you have one video of a screaming kid that only 3 people watched.

1) MadV: Terrific magic tricks. How does he do it?
2) DogToons: The Nick & Haig series is hysterical. Great animation and very subtle, realistic dialogue.
3) Nalts: Okay I'm nominating myself. Most of my stuff is for parents, but some of it (like the crank calls) appears to have wider appeal.
4) Etoll: I propose this one with some reservations. Some of the videos are deeply disturbed or vial. But with more than 100 posts in the past few weeks, it's one to watch (with one eye shut).
5) MarquisdeJolie: Revver wouldn't be Revver without James Jarvis and his more than 450 posts. He's been quiet lately (hopefully he's not back on the streets again).
6) Angelcore: Some interesting stuff- especially Jen Never Drinks.
7) MondoMedia: Only three posts, but popular and funny (not for kids, though... I found that out the hard way).
8) FireX_51485: These are long, and somewhat offensive. But some are funny, and they inspired some of my prank calls.
9) DeadTroll: Some very funny pieces here. Worth a visit to the site too.
10) VidLit: For some upscale humor... literary.
11) AquaDad: An active member of the Revver community, Aquadad has some nice ones, and also posts as MTBR777.
12) DWestlake: Who can forget the Red Couch series that dominated "most watched" for months?
13) FireFoxFlicks: About 150 entries to the FireFox contest. Some classy material.
14) Firmino: Interesting stuff. Love that lightening strike.
15) NobleChain: To be honest, I haven't watched any of these since the pointless illegal parking videos. But there are nearly 400 videos, so (to quote Jarvis) "there must be something good in there."
16) Prince Charles: Again, with 432 posts, there must be some material in here. Anyone have time to sift?
17) IDoNothingAllDay: Brilliant. Guy takes candid shots of beautiful women in NYC. More than 100 to date.
18) FrogPrintz: Mostly other peoples' commercials, but some are really funny.
19) Digital: Aside from FireFoxFlicks, I don't think there's been a more popular Revver video than "The Easter Bunny Hates You."
20) PowerLoafer: Some very well done vignettes about office life.

Making Money Via Online Videos

I reviewed three online video models on, and Revver comes out ahead on most fronts. To read the review click here.