Saturday, June 03, 2006

Payout Clarification- Getting Your Revvernue

Lots of posts about payouts. RRR has offered this clarification here, on the Revver Forum.

Revver apologizes for the confusion regarding this issue. Our intention was to have our self-payout system in place earlier, but unfortunately it hasn't been completed for this payout period. That said, all payouts will begin today 6/2/2006 for users with Paypal account information - we anticipate all will be paid out completely by the end of next week (6/9/2006). Our self-payout system will be ready before the next payout period, which will allow users to cash out matured funds when they see fit. Please keep in mind that we are still in a beta period, and we appreciate your understanding and patience. We believe we are doing right by our users and syndication partners, and trying to provide them with the best experience possible, but sometimes even with the best of intentions things fall through the cracks. Again, sorry about the confusion.

Secret Way to Drive Clicks

You might have noticed that the videos are approved in batches, with the final batch often around 9:00-10:00 California time (or 12-1 EST). So if you want more views, post right to that time. If you miss the window, however, you're probably not getting on before noon EST- especially on weekends. 12:30 EST now and nothing new since last night.

Shhhhh.... here's the Revverlater and she's sleeping.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Show Me The Money

The forum is off to a wild start with 2 posts. The topic? How to I cash out my money? It's not unlike when I launched Revverberation. Took a long time before anyone showed up, and the first comments were all about the money.

I expect the forum to evolve as the community swells. We're already seeing a lot of new posters to Revver. Last time folks got itchy about payouts, Revver took the highroad and cashed everyone out for all of their earnings to date. So I'm not that worried. But it's a valid concern. People are drawn to Revver for the financial incentive and it's fun to check the account balance to see how it's growing. But it's even more fun to cash the money out and buy crack.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Revver Forums Launch Today

Great news today. I've been hinting at something that might make Revverberation obsolete, and I think it's here. Today Revver is launching Revver Forums. Unless Revverberation readers feel otherwise, I suggest we move our discussion over there and wind down Revverberation for 3 reasons:
1) Forums are better for community than blogs. Despite some decent posts, the blog is still more 1-way than a Forum. Think of it as open mike night.
2) The Forum will get more traffic. Revver is going to link to it from its homepage.
3) If we populate it, Revver will need to monitor it. That will make it easier for those of us Revverites to call attention to things we like and don't. Chances are they'll respond even faster than they've done through reading Revverberation.

Let me know what you think. RRR is reading too, so if you have trouble logging post here or write to

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Revver's Guide to Fishing the Revver's "Most Recent"

Revver's homepage is not nearly a sophisticated as YouTube or other popular video portals. But I think many of us Revverites like Fishing the Most Recent(tm) section as a sport. It's like hunting your own food. So here are a few tips for helping make sure you hook a 20 pound bass instead of an old shoe.

>Thumbnail- Scan the four frames before hitting "next." Bad frames don't always mean bad videos, but if they're blurry and poor visuals it means the poster didn't bother picking a good one (not a good sign) or that they couldn't find a good one (also not a good sign). Thumbnail is also an easy way to determine if it's an amateur piece or something too packaged, which I usually skip. I'm burnt out of funny commercials.
>Runtime- A make/break. Under 10 seconds and it might be garbage. Over 3 minutes and I just can't take the commitment. My Video ADHD (tm) prefers 30 seconds to a minute.
>Description- Oh, wait. That doesn't display.
>Repetition- Several posts of the same event is not a good sign. If you see illegal cars being parked in 5 consecutive frames, it's a "watch out."
>Title- Avoid anything with the name Wayne, or something like "Tim eats breakfast" or "Rich rides bike." A title that bland is not likely to suggest we have a future Spielberg on our hands. Especially if the name is a series of numbers, meaning we have someone that hasn't even figured out how to name their video.
>Rating- Oh, wait. That hasn't worked in months. :)
>Username- Once you identify an uploader who doesn't share your taste, it's easy to skip their stuff. Ideally we could "subscribe" to our favorite uploaders and see their most recent work, but I haven't figured out how to make my RSS tag feeds list sequentially in a consistent fashion.

Did I miss any?


I can't believe I didn't think of that Revver pun sooner. What a great word. I should have called this blog Reverie. It's fewer syllables and no more difficult to spell.

>Absentminded dreaming while awake
>An abstracted state of absorption
>The condition of being lost in thought; daydreaming.

As evidence that I'm a Googlehead, I had to use the search engine twice for this post. First to get the spelling of syllables (Google is my spell check now). Second to get the definition of Reverie (Google is my dictionary now).

What's in a Name?

You know I was just scanning the usernames of Revver posters, and I realized that despite the fact that almost any name in the world is available... most people select horrible numeric/alpha combinations!
The origin, no doubt, is that they were the default recommendations by AOL when the people tried to get a better name. Most people are too lazy to keep trying so they end up with something like FRED23958. Who would want a randmon number as part of their brand? Hard to remember.
Guess what? I did it too. I signed on to AOL in the late 80s and maintained Nalts as a screename for a decade. My real last name wasn't available and the first one that came to mind is the nickname they gave my brother in college. Paranthetically, after suffering years of bad connections and phone calls that never got answered, I closed my AOL account with great reverie (deliberate world play). Now Nalts has become my stupid brand.
If I started over I'd find something more clever and it would definitely incorporate part of the name Revver. Hey- maybe Reverie? I just grabbed that one. I like it. Time for a rebranding exercise.

The condition of being lost in thought; daydreaming.
Absentminded dreaming while awake
An abstracted state of absorption

A Revver Up And Comer?

This morning I found two new posts by Bleav09, both worthy of your time.
Creature: Just the kinda video I was making at that age but better.

Here's the thing about Creature. Half way through I said- stop there. You've done it. Why is there still 30 seconds left? And then we get the reaction poses... great timing and just the right amount of back/forth.
Ben Beats: Nice editing and catchy and weird

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Are You a Google Head?

There are many ways you're healthcare professional can determine if you are a GoogleHead. But one way for sure. If you're willing to spend your Memorial Day afternoon printing Google Head t-shirts and asking your family and cousins to do the cheesiest stuff possible for a GoogleHead video. Thanks to Laurie Berkner for the song and inspiration. You can buy GoogleHead at or

Google Head Video: Warning- you'll either love it or hate it.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Revver Gets BBC Coverage Monday

Check out Monday's BBC: "How to Make the Net Work for You." Nice piece that mentions Revver prominently. Also mentions adsense. Says Revver's Steve Starr: "I'm deeply aware of how hard it is for creators to get their content seen by professional distribution operators."

Some more highlights: Using advertising to fund distribution of a film can make a huge difference, said Mr Starr citing the example of the hugely popular animated parody of Woody Guthrie's "This Land" that lampooned George Bush and presidential hopeful John Kerry.

The short film was downloaded millions of times and cartoon creator JibJab was reportedly landed with a bandwidth bill of more than $100,000. Via Revver that loss could have been turned into a big profit, said Mr Starr.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

MadV Magician Illusionist (creator of String Theory and Unplugged)

If you're like most Revverites, you've been curious about MadV. Who is he? How does he do it? Why did he stop (see video below)? And most importantly, how did he get the enormous amount of views that have maintained his masked face in the "most watched" section of Revver for weeks.

Well here are the answers: First, he's a 16-year-old illusionist, and after just a month of incredible fame on YouTube and Revver, he's now "signed on with a TV production company." To read more, see MadV's profile on YouTube.

What can we learn from MadV?
a) Magic sells... sorry- illusion sells. Unless you're me doing "illusion" at the diner.
b) Killer content will find eyeballs- quick.
c) The reason he got so many hits on Revver is that he promoted his Revver videos on his YouTube description. Brilliant! Why? This attracts traffic from YouTube to Revver, and more importantly it attracts NEW Revver videos. When someone is new to Revver, they are way more likely to click the ads. I can only imagine what MadV made in his 1 month!

Here are the rest of the MadV collector edition. He's got 3 more videos on YouTube.
String Theory
WhEreZ YoUR HeAD At?
TeH MaddEST SkillZ
The Fix
mo' MadDER SkillZ
MaD GuitAR SkillZ
MaDDer and MadDER SkillZ


Some videos I laugh. Some I wish I hadn't opened. Others I forget. But every once in a while I find my brain stopping completely on a video. Trying to understand it.
Don't try to understand this one.