Friday, July 07, 2006

The Sacrifice of Making Videos (Hunting Series)

People often ask how I have time to make so many short videos. The truth is, it typically takes about 1-2 hours per edited minute of a video. This depends, of course, on how packaged a video is (and packaging doesn't always equate with the "viralness" of the piece. This time includes conceiving, scripting, shooting, editing, scoring and uploading. I usually skip "story boarding" because I have a mental idea and kinda let the footage dictate where the video goes.

In the case of this 3-part "how to hunt" series, however, the sacrifice wasn't just time. Here's the set up (and the output CLEARLY wasn't worth the turmoil):

  1. We were on our last of a 4-day "vacation" in a hunting camp in Alabama. I was getting freaked out by the stuffed dead animals collected by my cousins who enjoy shooting things -- especially if they're alive and furry.
  2. I had to beg my brother, a priest in the Vatican, to help me on the intros. He agreed on the condition that a) it took less than 5 minutes, b) he didn't speak c) he wasn't doing anything beyond the intros, and most importantly d) wasn't identified by name. Thanks, Chris.
  3. My wife very reluctantly agreed to stop her manic packing and cleaning, so she could shoot the cougar capture. She was pretty livid because she couldn't find her shoes and she kept stepping on pine cones. Then I ripped my finger on the wire frame of the stuffed cougar.
  4. The babysitter took our four kids for what was supposed to be a 15-minute golf-cart ride. She got lost in the woods, and we called 911 when they didn't return an hour and a half later. I finally took our rental van into the woods with the GPS and found them. They didn't seem bothered as my wife and I who were terrified.
So here they are. Not worth the experience and a bit corny. But maybe they'll get some clicks...

Part 1: How to Hunt Cougars. I don't think I spelled couger right, but more importantly I don't think it's a cougor anyway.

Part 2: How to Hunt Turkey

Part 3: How to Hunt Deer

Final: The Out Takes

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Revver's New Site: Bastille Day

Revver has been baking it's new site, and no deadline has been announced. So Revverberation (with no authority to do so) today pronounces a challenge to the folks at Revver. Can they launch the new site by Bastille Day?

And what will the new site contain?
-New search features?
-New logo and brand?
-New business model?
-Timely PayPal payments?
-Partnership with another online video site?
-Voting and comments?
-Faster editorial review?
-Better tools for facilitating import/export of video?

What do you think?

Revver in the News

I'm stuck in Alabama with the slowest Internet connection since 1985. But I found a lot of stories on Revver recently:

BlogCritic: "Sounds really cool."

iMedia Connection: "The availability of services such as what Revver provides, as well as the opportunities and benefits that go along with it, shows the direction in which a lot of marketers are headed: distinct advertising -- created cheaply and creatively by involved and enthusiastic consumers -- that attracts the attention of like-minded consumers."

CNet Web 2.0 Blog: "Forget sharing videos for free. The trick right now is to make money from them. To that end, new video sharing sites are springing up that promise to share the revenues created from videos with the users who post them." This article also mentions Panjea, a service that Panjea gives users a cut of advertising revenues. "And not just from ads in the videos, like most other video sharing sites; Panjea also cuts its content-creating users in on ad revenues from their static Web content (like their profile pages)."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day for "Most Watched" Section

Let's proclaim today Independence Day for the "Most Watched" section. It has been seized by ZeFrank, who has his own website. Join me in the streets- we'll have a Boston Tea Party and reclaim it... The Most Watched section is supposed to be a melting pot of amateur content. ZeFrank's stuff is funny, but this reminds me of when a Jimmy Buffet album got stuck in my Honda's player so I couldn't listen to anything else but him for a couple months.