Saturday, July 15, 2006


So Micki is the new Director of Community at Revver. Here she is pictured with the guy that invented the Tubes. She worked at a company that made Gore's latest film about global warming (hence the ads for it on Revver). Before that she was campaigning for Bush (kidding).

Check out her blog... Mickipedia. If you dig deep enough you'll find out that she's depressed by Six Feet Under, she wants to meet a guy in LA and is an adventurer. Check out the 43 things she wants to do.

Kudos for her reviving the Revver blog.

An Incovenient Truth

Now advertising on Revver... Al Gore's "An Invonvenient Truth."

Lay Me Off

I managed to get my boss to participate in this video... my mock efforts to get laid off so I get a severance.

Hey Micki You're So Fine. You're So Fine You Blow My Mind. Hey Micki.

While Revver's PR is suffering, a new addition to the Revver team is making me feel a bit more confident. Check out Revver's new blog makeover- here's an introduction post by Revver's Director of Community Micki Krimmel.

And a cool photo here: The Revver Revolution Has Begun.

Here are some of the items Micki says will be in the new Revver when it finally escapes beta:
- better tracking tools
- flash video
- easy ways to create and share collections of video
- automated cash out feature for payments
- and lots of other awesome stuff

Edelman gets blasted by WillVideoForFood

That wank over at WillVideoForFood blasted Edelman (Revver's PR agency) as being incompetent and lazy. In fairness, Revver is still in beta. And the PR agency got a few great media mentions, including the following:
  • Two mentions in the Raritan, New Jersey's "St. Mary's Church Bulletin" last month (which garnered three unique visitors from a nearby public library).
  • A story on page 42 of the Dayton, Ohio "East Dayton Real Estate Listings."
  • A brief mention of Revver by David Scheyd on his 2-5:00 a.m. "Easy Jazz Show" in Brewton, Alabama's 850 AM Radio. The exact quote was "that song reminds me of fly fishing in a beautiful salmon-filled Revver."
  • The agency rode the stories of Eeepy Bird and idonothingallday, showing that if you content creators can create news... Edelman will hitch its wagon to your star.
  • And don't forget this October Revver launch article that remains one of the top Google search results from Revver... largely because nothing else has topped it.

    Traffic at Revver has gone from 450 average daily visitors in February to nearly 510 in June (and an all-time peak of 625 on July 2). So give that Edelman some time,! The Edelman account lead is in the midst of pitching a great story in the Dansville, Florida "Sunrise Retirement Home" daily flier. Sunrise doesn't have access to the WorldWideWeb, but these retirees will talk about Revver for as long as they can remember it.

EeFoof and MadV

Courtesy of MarquisdeJolie: Mad V left Revver but remains live on Eefoof with his magic music videos and as a moderator. In this post, Mad V clarifies what content is appropriate for Eefoof. Mad V amazed Revver visitors with his magic tricks scored by copyrighted music, but then vanished to do something on television. Apparently he's saying he didn't get paid by Revver (couldn't find that in the forum , but I did find this interesting forum discussion).

Eefoof is getting some nice press, by the way, including this CNBC story and a lot of attention from But Mashable challenges its business model and calls the site ugly.

The Wall Street Journal article about Revver submitter idonothingallday is being featured on Eefoof. It's weird that Eefoof is being billed as a YouTube competitor like Revver doesn't exist.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The 10-Second Revver Spammer

I nominate we revoke the Revver USERID of this person. Does anyone want to second the motion?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Revver Friendly Sites

Thanks to Alex (the scary tatoo lady from Revver) for posting these "Revver friendly sites" on the Revver forum.

Wall Street Journal: Revver, Eefoof, Panjea and Blip

From the Wall Street Journal:

New Web Sites Pay for Clips
July 12, 2006

In his spare time, Patrick Sell, a 31-year-old marketing analyst, enjoys shooting short videos of well-dressed women strolling along New York City streets, then posting them on the Web. He used to upload his productions -- about 180 to date -- on the video-sharing phenomenon YouTube, but now prefers a new service called Revver. The reason: Revver pays him.

Revver allows Mr. Sell to pocket a portion of the revenue the site takes in from ads it attaches to his clips -- an amount that now earns him about $15 a day. "My issue with YouTube is that even as the producer of the video, I can't get paid for it," says the self-styled video auteur, who asks the women for permission to film them and also posts his clips on

The explosive growth of Internet video is allowing people not only to find an audience for their amateur productions. Now they can actually earn money from them.
  • San Diego-based Eefoof Inc., launched just over a week ago, shares 50% of its profits from text ads and banner ads with users who upload their own online video clips. Shares are distributed based on the number of hits a particular video receives.
  • Recently launched, operated by Aware Media Inc., shares 50% of revenue from the ads appearing on profile pages to which users can upload their own video and audio files. Users can also sell their content via download at a price they set, in which case they earn 85% of the sale.
  • In May, Blip Networks Inc.'s Blip.TV began giving members half of the ad revenue it earns from the still-photograph and video ads that users can have placed at the end of their videos. Revver affixes an ad frame to the end of a video clip and gives the users 50% of the revenue generated when the ad is clicked on, whether the video is accessed from a Web site, shared across instant-messaging services or emailed between friends.

Ze Frank has earned more than $5,000 through Revver by posting his stand-up comedy shows featuring rants on pop culture, stunts and dancing.
Clips featured on sites that are helping people earn money run from someone chugging soy sauce on to a child wading in a paddling pool on Blip.TV. Oddball antics, typically involving pets, are also big moneymakers (relatively speaking) in this arena. Revver, which has 30,000 videos in its system, says some users have earned more than $10,000 through the service and that many have earned more than $1,000. says that a video that racks up between two and three million hits, a megablockbuster in the online world, would earn several thousand dollars from the site.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Computer Falls from Car

Between you and me, dear Revverberation readers, this is a fake.

Here's to hoping the $20 I could have gotten from this computer at a garage sale will be offset by Revver ad click revenue...

Same "Garageband" Loop... Different "Feel"

Revver Changes Name of Most Watched Section

In a bold move surprising many industry insiders, Revver announced that it is changing the name of its "most watched" section to the "ZeFrank Archive."

"We continue to support independent video content creators," said Founder Steven Starr. "Especially if their name starts with the letter Z."

To support other content creators, the pay-for-content video website will be creating a new "Least Watched" section in a site redesign launching in late September.

"We are considering devoting an entire section to "never watched" videos," said Starr. "However we're concerned that those videos would then be watched."

Monday, July 10, 2006 The New ExpoTV

Remember ExpoTV? It was flooding Revver for a while, but then took our feedback seriously? Now it's still around, but the review videos aren't overtaking the "most recent" section of Revver.

Well here's the new ExpoTV:

Close your eyes and listen to this video, and tell me you're not hearing a 1970s porn soundtrack.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Revver in the News, But Still an Industry Secret

Revver gets nice placement in this TVWeek article. I don't know if TVWeek has any more readers than Revver has visitors, but every little bit counts.

I really thought EepyBird would get significant media pickup. It's a great story, and you need some successes like that to provide credibility. It's kinda like when all of the sales people from a company learn that the top performer is making $700K per year. Everyone else is motivated even if they'll never get close.

Google Earth: Has it Gone Too Far?

Almost 300,000 people have looked at my butt crack on Google Video. 4,000 have actually downloaded it (which really creeps me out).

How can I get this kinda traffic on my Revver videos? That would have been worth about $3000!

Bill Gates Makes Revver Debut

How many comments about Mac or Linux does it take to tick off Bill Gates? Here's some footage of a visit to our friends' house in Seattle. The Microsoft founder is their friend, and I snuck a camera in. My kids enjoyed provoking him as much as me.