Saturday, July 22, 2006

Teach 'em Values While They're Young

How to Tell if You Have No Soul: "Cutie"

If you don't melt watching this then you have no soul. Search for one on I think they have some used ones for discount (but they get you on the shipping costs).

Feeeeed Me!

Here's the page to generate your own custom Revver RSS feed:

It sorts by most recent now! If you want to share your feed and get an affiliate fee add ?affiliate=xxxx (where xxxx is your affiliate code). For example, if I want to share a URL for people to subscribe to my videos AND I want to get the affiliate credit, I use:

I'd recommend you use "?affiliate=8097" if you don't have an affiliate fee. That will, um, increase the chances of load balancing and reduce problems with permission errors.

P.S. If you don't know what an RSS is PLEASE take a second to set up a custom Google page and insert some of these URLs into an RSS. In 12 months you won't know a single person who doesn't syndicate RSS feeds. Don't be the last.

Subscribe to Revver User on iTunes!

Wowza! Thanks to RRR for the coolest functionality I've seen on Revver since the popular-video pie chart.

You can now subscribe to my crap via iTunes! Not that you'd want to. But you could.

Three easy steps:

1) Open iTunes.

2) Select "Advanced/subscribe to podcast"

3) Past this URL:

Any username will work. No more digging to find the latest Marquisdejolie video. No more scrolling to find the latest idonothingallday. No more waiting for the latest ZeFrank. Heck- you can even subscribe to ExpoTV's "best of."

Friday, July 21, 2006

Keyword Jamming Alive on Revver

There aren't many technical ways to stop "keyword jamming*," but it sure is annoying. It's one thing to use "diet coke and mentos" because it just so happens there was a diet coke on the shelf behind you when you shot the video of your newborn baby that nobody wants to see. But it's another thing to put up a video about prarie dogs and jam the keywords with everything popular... even ZeFrank's name. Unless one of those prarie dogs is named ZeFrank, I'm hereby awarding Xanderino the "First Ever Revver Boob Award."

* Keyword jamming is the act of describing your videos with words that are not related to your content but are frequently searched. It would be like me loading this post with the words hot, sexy, women, baby, hot, mamas, free, download, sexy video. I'd never do that. Britney.

Revver Official Blog Officially Getting Better

If you haven't RSS'd the Revver official blog, it's time. It got a makeover, it's updated frequently, and has a new personality (Miki). Oh- and it made one of my videos the "video of the day." :)

Here's the RSS Feed address:

By the way- there are probably some of you that haven't started RSSing. Trust me in that it's the greatest thing that ever happened to my daily web habits. Everything I care about comes to my Google homepage. It's a great way to remember sites that you'd otherwise forget about.

P.S. Did I really just blog a :)?

Diet Coke & Mentos Video: Bigger than Oregon

Let's put this Diet Coke & Mentos thing into perspective by comparing the views of ONE of the EepyBird videos to the state population index. It falls between Puerto Rico and Oregon. That's right, folks. More people have viewed this video than live in Oregon.

Alabama - 4,500,752
Louisiana - 4,496,334
South Carolina - 4,147,152
Kentucky - 4,117,827
Puerto Rico - 3,878,532
Diet Coke Mentos views- 3,876,866
Oregon - 3,559,596
Oklahoma - 3,511,532
Connecticut - 3,483,372
Iowa - 2,944,062
Mississippi - 2,881,281
Arkansas - 2,725,714
Kansas - 2,723,507

Finding Your Own Videos (lost on Revver)

Just yesterday I had two people (a co-worker and brother-in-law) ask me how they can see my latest videos easily.

Unfortunately, I haven't found an easy way. A search for my username (Nalts) on Revver lists videos in random order -- as opposed to chronologically like YouTube does. The RSS feed address doesn't post the most recent three videos either. Besides, this would serve up any video that used the word "Nalts" in a tag.

I have the same problem finding my videos. If I want to dig up a video I did a few weeks ago, it can take up to 5 minutes of digging around because of the lack of an organized view via Revver. There ought to be a way to sort our videos by date, views, and title.

Has anyone figured out a way around this? I've been holding off on a "work-around" because I assumed we'd have a new Revver and this functionality would be resolved.

One last-resort would be to create a blog that posts every Revver video. Then there'd be one location to search recent videos, and RSSing it would show the most recent three. But that seems like a lot of work.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Until YouTube Adopts a Revver-Like Model...

There's always the Viral Video Ambassador... connecting YouTube, advertisers and content creators.

My voice still hurts from screaming Revver at the end.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TV Week Covers Revver

After my tyrade about Revver's lack of publicity, I'd hold this one up as a counter. I feel like I've already blogged about it, but just in case:

TV Week's Coverage of Revver.

Amateur Video Makes it to Nightline

So I'm excited this Comcast video made a cameo at the end of this Nightline report. But couldn't they have used the Revver one instead of the YouTube one?!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Anaphylactic Fit

For those of you that haven't been reading, here's where I've been for the past couple days. Had a lfie-threatening "anaphylactic fit" and documented it for Revver because I'm an idiot.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Revver Account Looking Skimpy?

Here's another fine way to save money. Don't buy your kids $80 Healies, when you can make your own...